Moisturize & Cleanse with Jardin des Senteurs French Soap • La Lavande Finest French Soaps

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Moisturize, Soothe & Cleanse with Jardin des Senteurs French Soap

These soaps contain Shea Butter, natural vegetable oils and will help moisturize the skin keeping it soft. They are richly scented, many of them have exfoliating qualities. The triple milling will insure a rich lather and makes this soap long-lasting.

Available in Agrumes, Cedarwood, Coconut Pineapple, Cucumber, Gardenia, Grapefruit Peel, Green Tea, Grenadine, Honey Almond, Honey, Jasmine Ginger, Lavender, Lavender Flower, Lavender Lilac, Lime, Milk, Milk and Bran, Mint Leaf, Océane, Pear Apple, Sage, Sandalwood,. Tangerine, Verbena

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