La Lavande Hand & Face French Soaps Offer Exceptional Nourishment without Oily Residue

Searching for a high quality soap that is cleansing yet delicate? Our Hand and Face line of French Soaps offers unparalleled quality and are gentle enough for daily use. Always made without parabens, sulfates and synthetic oils, always made with pure and natural ingredients and vegetable oils.

Explore our Jardin de Senteurs, Bouquet, Boutique, Broyée and traditional French Soaps and find your favorites.

Jardin de Senteurs French Soap will help moisturize, soothe and cleanse your skin. Our dedication to exceptionally high quality and nourishing soaps begins with our established Jardin de Senteurs line. Made with shea butter and natural vegetable oils each soap is cleansing and moisturizing, gentle enough for daily use on the face and hands.

Bouquet French Soaps round shape fit comfortably in the hand, are decorated with the admired La Lavande bouquet and come in a variety of popular scents. These extra mild, nourishing and cleansing soaps are made with pure natural vegetable oils and triple milled for a rich lather and long lasting quality.

Inspired by outdoor markets in the south of France, our Boutique line comes in a variety of floral, fruity and fresh scents. Made in a curved shape that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, wrapped in an attractive band. An ideal shape for the face and hands, gentle enough for all skin types.

“Joie de Vivre, the perfect size French Soap in a variety of popular scents. This extra mild soap is made with pure natural vegetable oils and triple milled for a rich lather and long lasting soap. Cleansing, soothing and nourishing, it’s 150g Rectangle shape is a perfect hand, face or body bar.

Adored by La Lavande customers for over 35 years, each of these exceptionally gentle and moisturizing soaps are made with local products such as honey and lavender essential oil creating a reminiscent fragrance that takes us back to the Provencal countryside. The Cologne, Bee and Olive Oil Lavender Soaps can be used as a hand and face bar, mild enough for daily use and perfect for all skin types

La Lavande Savons Broyée are made with organic shea butter and real plant pieces. The natural pieces gently exfoliate the skin while the shea butter soothes and moisturizes. Our Exfoliating Broyée French Soaps are triple milled which creates a rich lather and a long lasting soap.