Enjoy La Lavande Decorative Soaps, Uplifting & Luxurious

At La Lavande we know that traditional French Soaps can come in new and enticing shapes. Bring the garden into your home with our Flower and Lemon Shaped Soaps. Bring the seashore near with our Coquillage Shell Soap. Our Heart French Soaps provide a caring gift, where a percentage of all proceeds are donated to a Hearts for Hope Cancer fund. French Egg Soaps come in a comfortable oval shape, perfect in Spring or year round. Real scents and all natural vegetable oils means these decorative soaps can be enjoyed by all.

Our Lemon Shaped French Soaps are a customer favorite. The fun and realistic shape has a real lemon scent. Leave out as a decoration, add citrus scent to a room or drawer, or keep by the sink. Provides a rich lather with an enjoyable round shape. All natural, triple milled with natural vegetable oils, cleansing and moisturizing. See all of our unique and decorative shapes.

La Lavande Heart Soaps offer a loving touch to a traditional French Soap. Each Heart has a natural pure vegetable oil base that moisturizes and soothes the skin. Perfect for party favors, bridal showers or gifts and a nice way to say “thinking of you.” Our Hearts come in a 100g hand and body bar and a charming 25g guest size, with multiple gift packaging available.

La Lavande charming French Flower Soaps have a subtle floral bouquet. All natural, triple milled and made with shea butter for an especially moisturizing and cleansing bar. Purchase our French Flower Soaps individually or in a gift box, packaged in a recyclable kraft box with natural softwood excelsior shavings and an attractive La Lavande label. Available in our floral Rose Petal or Gardenia.

These adorable French Egg Soaps make a charming gift and nourishing soap any time of year. Rich in organic shea butter and comes in a wide array of fragrances. A perfect size and shape with real plant pieces to provide a gentle exfoliating quality. Shea butter nourishes the skin and creates a cleansing and moisturizing bar. Triple milled and all natural, gentle enough for daily use. French Eggs come in Grapefruit Peel, Green Tea & Mandarine, Honey Almond, Honey Lavender, Honey with Linden, Lavender Flower, Goat Milk & Bran, Pear & Cassis, Rose Petal and Verbena.