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Adding Product Images

All product images are 800 x 800 pixels. One image is need for each product. It is entered as the “Featured Image”. WordPress will generate all thumbnails from that single image. It is recommend that you create the image with a one pixel border if the background is white or is a light color.

If a product has variations and you wish to display a different image for each variation, it must be added in the variation section. Expand all variations to reveal the details of each.

Adding featured images for variations

How to Identify the Product Type

The icon under the “shopping cart” column on the product listing page is a quick way to identify whether the product is “simple” or “variable”.

This indicates a “simple” product


This is a “variable” product


What are Product Tags and How Do I Use Them?

Let’s compare your Web site to a non-fiction book. The table of contents would correspond to your product categories, whereas, tags are the equivalent of the book’s index.

Tags are a way of grouping products by some similiarity such as shape (round soaps), ingredients (lavender) or relationship (soap and soap dishes). They are useful in organizing products for up-selling, cross-selling and related.

Tagging can be a useful method of navigating around your site and is a good way to increase user engagement.


What are Related Products?

“Related Products” is a section at the bottom of the product page that pulls other products from your store that share the same tags or categories as the current product. You, as the store owner, must decide “how” they are related. (See Product Tags above)

Related Products


How to Organize Products

The order in which products are displayed is controlled by Date Published.  Your site is configured to show products in descending order, with the most recent first. To reorder products, change Date Published until products are in the positions that you desire.

One method is as follows:

  1. Make a screen print of the category page that you want to organize.
  2. Write sequence numbers above each image in the order that you want them to appear.
  3. Then give each a date to be used as Date Published. (Dates are completely arbitrary.)
  4. Log in to the dashboard and click on the Products tab.
  5. Select the category that you want to organize and click Filter. This will display only the products for that category.
  6. While still on the Products page, use Quick Edit to change the product’s date. By using Quick Edit, the filtered list will remain in place as you go from one product to the next.